About Accion

Accelerating Our Future in Space

At Accion, we re-engineered propulsion for the needs of New Space. Like the bold missions we enable, we’re pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

Our Mission

Our mission is to redefine the performance, efficiency, and scalability of spacecraft propulsion systems to expand what’s possible in space.

Tiled Ionic Liquid Electrospray (TILE) is a revolution for electric propulsion. By using an ionic liquid propellant and leveraging the microfabrication processes that fueled Moore’s Law, we can fit more thrust in smaller packages, and manufacture them at scale to accelerate the New Space revolution.

Accion Leadership

Natalya Bailey and Louis Perna, veterans of NASA and MIT, founded Accion after developing TILE at the MIT Space Propulsion Lab. Peter Kant, as CEO, brings global policy expertise and seasoned emerging technology business leadership experience to help scale Accion’s state-of-the-art propulsion technology.

Peter Kant
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Natalya Bailey, PhD
CTO and Co-Founder
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Louis Perna
Chief Scientist and Co-Founder
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We want to make space more affordable and accessible by changing what spacecraft can do in and beyond Earth’s orbit.

— Natalya Bailey, CTO and Co-Founder

Our team combines aerospace veterans with experts from biotech and robotics to reinvent propulsion for New Space.

Mike Archibald
Vice President of Finance
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Bradley Kaanta, PhD
Vice President of Advanced Development & Chief Engineer
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Hoyt Morgan
Vice President of Operations
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Courtney Oliver
Vice President of Product Management
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Tom Phelps
Vice President of Engineering
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Stephanie Melikian
Director of Manufacturing
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Elizabeth Barno
Director of Corporate Development
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Kent Lietzau
Director of Federal Partnerships
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Caitlin MacDonald
Director of People & Culture
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Michael Archibald
VP of Finance at Accion Systems

Jonathan Gallen
Managing Director at Tracker Capital Management

Gregory Nixon
Senior Managing Director at Cerberus Capital Management

Natalya Bailey, PhD
Co-founder & CTO of Accion Systems

Daniel Goldin
Former NASA Administrator

Louis Perna
Co-founder & Chief Scientist at Accion Systems

Rajeev Bhalla
Former CFO of Pratt & Whitney

Peter Kant
CEO of Accion Systems

Paul Brinkley
Former Deputy Undersecretary of Defense

Hoyt Morgan
VP of Operations at Accion Systems


Rob Coneybeer
Managing Director & Co-Founder of Shasta Ventures

Paulo Lozano, PhD
Director of the Space Propulsion Lab at MIT

Anthony Vinci, PhD
Former Associate Director & CTO of NGA

Jeanne C. Foster
Former executive at NGA, CIA & NRO

Barry Matsumori
CEO of BridgeComm

Michael D. Griffin, PhD
Former Under Secretary Department of Defense

Lisa Porter, PhD
Former Department of Defense Deputy CTO

Beckett Jackson
Director at AE Industrial & AEI HorizonX

Bill Swanson
Former Chairman and CEO of Raytheon

We are driven by innovation through collaboration. Whatever your vision for space is, we’re here to accelerate it.

Our Partners

Technology and Manufacturing Partners

Our Story

Satellites can do extraordinary things. They can connect the world with global internet coverage. They can keep us safe by watching from above. They can support a sustainable future by helping us manage our resources.

But without propulsion, satellites are like ships at sea without a sail. Due to prohibitive costs and size, weight, and power (SWaP) constraints, satellites often launch without adequate propulsion. This limits mission lifetime, exposes spacecraft to collisions, and creates space debris.

To accelerate the potential of New Space, we created a high-performance propulsion solution that works for all spacecraft, from 1U cubesats on up. Ionic Liquid Electrospray is the most efficient known form of propulsion, fitting powerful thrust in a package small enough for small satellites, and scalable enough for the needs of constellations and larger spacecraft.

Accion Timeline

  • 2014
    • Accion Systems founded to commercialize Tiled Ionic Liquid Electrospray (TILE) developed by Natalya Bailey and Louis Perna at the MIT Space Propulsion Lab
  • 2015
    • Accion raises $5M, including $2M from seed funding and $3M from DoD Rapid Innovation Fund
    • Accion establishes Boston headquarters, complete with manufacturing, assembly, and test equipment
    • Thruster chip successfully tested in space
  • 2016
    • Accion raises $7.5 million in Series A funding, led by Shasta Ventures
  • 2018
    • IRVINE01 and IRVINE02, CubeSats developed by high school students in Irvine, CA, launch with TILE systems onboard.
    • Boeing HorizonX Ventures invests in Accion Systems to propel satellite capabilities
  • 2019
    • Fast Company names Accion Systems among top 10 most innovative companies in space.
    • NASA selects Accion for a Tipping Point partnership to mature the TILE system to replicate the capabilities of the cold gas thrusters used on the MarCO CubeSats, but with a lower SWaP system.
  • 2020
    • Fast Company names Accion Systems among top 10 most innovative companies in space.
    • NASA selects Accion for a Tipping Point partnership to mature the TILE system to replicate the capabilities of the cold gas thrusters used on the MarCO CubeSats, but with a lower SWaP system.
    • Accion raises $11M in Series B funding co-led by Boeing HorizonX Ventures and Shasta Ventures.
    • TILE 2 thrusters delivered for flight with the IRVINE03 CubeSat and MIT’s BeaverCube spacecraft.
    • Accion awarded multiple contracts with the Air Force Research Lab to advance Multi-mode compatibility for the TILE system.