About Accion


Darren Garber, PhD

Courtney Oliver
Chief Operating Officer

Kent Lietzau
Director of Business Development

Caitlin MacDonald
Director of Business Operations

Stephanie Melikian
Director of Manufacturing


Gregory Nixon
Senior Managing Director at Cerberus Capital Management

Jonathan Gallen
Managing Director at Tracker Capital Management

Daniel Goldin
Chairman of the Board
Former NASA Administrator

Anthony Vinci, PhD
Former Associate Director & CTO of NGA

Danil Subkhankulov
Managing Director at Cerberus Capital Management

Louis Perna


Rob Coneybeer
Managing Director & Co-Founder of Shasta Ventures

Laura Crabtree
CEO of Epsilon3

Jeanne C. Foster
Former executive at NGA, CIA & NRO

Michael D. Griffin, PhD
Former Under Secretary Department of Defense

Beckett Jackson
Director at AE Industrial & AEI HorizonX

Paulo Lozano, PhD
Director of the Space Propulsion Lab at MIT

Lisa Porter, PhD
Former Department of Defense Deputy CTO

Bill Swanson
Former Chairman and CEO of Raytheon

We are driven by innovation through collaboration. Whatever your vision for space is, we’re here to accelerate it.

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