Accion effectively came into being in early 2015 when we raised some seed funding. Then we got really busy and you haven’t heard from us in a while. So as we head into what is hopefully another fast-paced, anything-but-boring year, let us recap some highlights from 2015.

We moved into our own facilities and set up shiny new propulsion system manufacturing, assembly, and test equipment. We’re HQ’d in Boston so come check us out if you’re in the area.

We won a $3MM DoD development contract, completed a military research contract, cashed our first commercial checks, signed up as the main propulsion for some cool science missions, and are in talks with a partner to become the standard on every satellite they sell.

We (ok mostly MIT) flew our technology in space and confirmed that the laws of physics are true up there and our systems do indeed move satellites around.

We got rated by Fortune Magazine as most likely to someday be valued at over $1B at their annual Brainstorm Tech conference.

We hired talent and set up capabilities to get cracking on R&D so we can start growing in other areas.

And to answer the burning questions I’ve just instilled: yes, we are hiring, and you can buy your system in mid-2017.

Until next year!

Accion team