Mission Capabilities

Unlock Your Mission’s Potential

TILE is the ideal propulsion system for small satellites, constellations, and other mission critical spacecraft.


All TILE systems can do the following:

  • Attitude Control
  • Collision Avoidance
  • Inclination Changes
  • Orbit Raising
  • Orbital Phasing
  • Lifetime extension
  • Deorbiting

Accion partnered with NASA JPL to mature a more efficient propulsion system than the cold gas thrusters used on the MarCO CubeSats.

Small Satellites

Extend your mission lifetime without sacrificing the mission.

Small satellites don’t have to compromise on propulsion. TILE provides more thrust for your power budget than any other technology, in a modular package small enough for CubeSats. The system can also be aggregated to meet the mission needs of larger satellites.

TILE is the lowest SWaP solution available to meet proposed orbital debris regulations — and so much more.


Get more value from every satellite in your fleet.

Leveraging mass production techniques from the semiconductor industry, TILE delivers propulsion at scale for even the largest constellations. From constellation phasing through deorbiting, TILE can extend your fleet’s operational lifetime and reduce orbital debris for a more sustainable future.

Find out how TILE can reduce payload downtime, lower replacement costs, and more.

The number of satellites in orbit is expected to quintuple in the next decade.

500+: Estimated number of break-ups, explosions, collisions, or anomalous events resulting in fragmentation.


When the mission calls for extreme resiliency and survivability, trust TILE.

The stakes could not be higher in space. Whether missions operate in earth’s orbit or beyond it, spacecraft operators need reliable propulsion that can go the distance, without using up unnecessary volume and power.

TILE is more reliable by design. Find out what sets it apart from other spacecraft propulsion systems.