Satellite constellations are helping to connect and understand our world like never before. Efficient propulsion can open new opportunities for both Earth observation and communication fleets, while supporting a sustainable future by helping satellites deorbit.


Rapidly Scalable

Leveraging microfabrication techniques optimized by the semiconductor industry, TILE can be mass produced for higher quality, shorter lead times, and lower costs.

Lower Replacement Costs

Lower the costs of propulsion for each satellite and keep your fleet in orbit longer: TILE 3 has a total impulse of 755 N-sec per unit.

Faster Revenue Generation

An unmatched thrust-power ratio means less payload downtime and less time waiting for your satellites to be in optimal position.


Conserve space for future satellites and constellations: TILE can deorbit your satellites efficiently to prevent space debris buildup.


For Spacecraft > 6U Cluster together for more thrust

Max Thrust: .45 mNMax Power Draw: 20 W
Size: 1UTotal Impulse: 755 Ns

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