Small Satellites

Small satellites have revolutionized the space industry, lowering the barriers to entry and expanding the possibilities for remote sensing, communications, and scientific discovery. But to unlock their true potential, small satellites need propulsion that’s just as efficient as they are

Small Satellite

Low Cost

Leveraging commercial parts and microfabrication techniques optimized by the semiconductor industry, we can mass produce TILE at low cost.

FCC Compliant

TILE 2 is the lowest SWaP system available to provide deorbiting and collision avoidance capabilities to meet current and pending orbital debris regulations.

Low Power Operation

TILE is throttleable and can stably operate at almost any power level, enabling simultaneous operation of payloads and propulsion.

Rideshare Safe

Ionic liquid is an inert, non-toxic and non-explosive propellant, in compliance with all launch regulations. It’s so safe, it can ship with the postal service.

Flexible Configuration

Thrusters can be colocated to maximize axial thrust, or distributed across surfaces for finer attitude control.


For Spacecraft > 6U Cluster together for more thrust

Max Thrust: .45 mNMax Power Draw: 20 W
Size: 1UTotal Impulse: 755 Ns

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