Bradley Kaanta, PhD

Vice President of Advanced Development and Chief Engineer

As Vice President of Advanced Development and Chief Engineer, Dr. Bradley Kaanta oversees all engineering activities for Accion’s flagship product, TILE 4, and leads system design, architecture, and product execution for Accion’s future generation propulsion systems. Dr. Kaanta is an expert in microfabrication, electronics, and systems integration, which he uses to lead Accion’s cutting-edge research and microsystems development on microsystems.

Prior to joining Accion Systems, Dr. Kaanta worked on advanced systems at Analog Devices. He focused on Micromechanical Systems (MEMS) manufacturing and advanced MEMS development transitioning novel sensors from R&D into released products for the automotive market. 

Previously, he led MEMS and microsystem design at Lilliputian Systems, another MIT company that raised $140 million to bring portable fuel cells to market. As part of the core technical team, Dr. Kaanta took the company’s fundamental R&D technology and productized MEMS systems to meet customer product requirements. 

Dr. Kaanta worked at Schlumberger developing technology for chemical sensor systems for down-hole operations. He also spent several years as an Officer in the United States Air Force and served at the United States Air Force Research Laboratory – Hanscom AFB as a Program Officer. 

Dr. Kaanta holds a S.B. and S.M. in electrical engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a PhD in mechanical engineering from Boston University.