Mike Archibald

Director of Operations and Finance

Michael Archibald is the Director of Operations and Finance at Accion Systems, managing all company operations, recruiting, financial transactions, budgeting, and vendor relationships for the company.

Prior to Accion Systems, Mr. Archibald spent fourteen years at Raytheon in financial planning, analysis, and management positions in the Integrated Defense Systems unit. Mr. Archibald worked across international teams to drive a $1B international development program to fruition in the United States and Taiwan. His specialty was negotiating change impact proposals between Raytheon and the U.S. Government which resulted in over $100M in new business over his career. During his time at Raytheon, Mr. Archibald was tapped to join a Raytheon spin-off company, Raytheon Solipsys, as Chief Financial Officer for two years. Raytheon Solipsys is a command and control software company for defense and civil aviation customers.

Mr. Archibald has a B.S. in Finance and an MBA from Bentley University. He is an active member of the Boston CFO Leadership Council.