Stephanie Melikian

Director of Manufacturing

Stephanie Melikian is the Director of Manufacturing, leading development of Accion’s manufacturing infrastructure and supplier base, managing our manufacturing team, and contributing to product development as a subject matter expert in DFM and best practices for space flight hardware.

Prior to joining Accion, Ms. Melikian spent a decade as a Senior Manufacturing Engineer at L3Harris, shepherding space-based optical payloads from the design phase through low volume manufacturing. In this role, she led manufacturing teams for both commercial and government programs, including the ACES Hy airborne hyperspectral sensor for DoD, JMAPS telescope for NRL, optical telescopes for NASA’s Europa Clipper and Lucy missions, and the DSOC lasercom flight demonstration unit for JPL. Ms. Melikian balanced duties including hands-on assembly and test of flight hardware, performing root cause analysis of failures, developing manufacturing plans for proposals and new programs, presenting to high level customer representatives at design and readiness reviews, and participating in major kaizen events and lean initiatives.

While at L3Harris, Ms. Melikian was also the Manufacturing Lead for the Tessera program at L3Harris, which assembled, tested, and delivered 21 SkySat payloads to Planet Labs, achieving a takt time of better than one satellite per month, which L3H claims as the first successful volume production of smallsats of this class in industry history.

Ms. Melikian spent several years in her early career as a manufacturing engineer at engineering consulting company Lumen Laboratories, specializing in design and development of laser-based optical instruments for commercial, medical, and government agency clients. She built and tested prototypes of handheld optical emission spectroscopy instruments, laser metrology systems, bioaerosol detectors, and intravascular imaging tools.

Stephanie holds a B.S. in Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering from Cornell University, and a M.S. in Engineering Management from Tufts University.