Propulsion, Reinvented
for New Space

We removed the heavy tanks, toxic propellants, external cathodes and ionization chambers found in conventional electric propulsion systems and created a new ion thruster: the Tiled Ionic Liquid Electrospray (TILE) Engine.

TILE Advantages

Unmatched Efficiency

The highest thrust to power ratio on the market. Devote more space and power for your critical payloads.

Scalable Manufacturing

Using commercial manufacturing processes, TILE can be mass produced for constellations with short lead times and low costs.

Modular Flexibility

The modular design can be flexibly configured to meet your mission needs. Aggregate units to multiply thrust, or distribute components across the spacecraft.

Seamless Integration

Propulsion control integrates easily with your existing mission control software. Access health monitoring and diagnostics with a user-friendly interface.

Extreme Resiliency

Thruster chip arrays are fault tolerant and eliminate common points of failure. No external cathodes, no plasma and no reactive emissions.

Multi-Mode Compatibility

Increase resiliency by combining the high thrust of chemical propulsion with the high efficiency of TILE, all with the same ionic liquid propellant.

Safe Propellant

Ionic liquid is an inert, inexpensive, non-toxic and non-explosive source of propulsion. It’s stored in a low pressure container to further reduce risk.

Compare to Similar Technologies.

Tailored For Your Mission

TILE can be flexibly configured to meet your performance requirements. Aggregate TILE units together in powerful arrays, or distribute them across your satellite surfaces for extra agility.